Coaching course – how to choose the best one? Warsaw, Kraków or Gdańsk? – an interview with Piotr Cieszkowski.

Coaching course – how to choose the best one? Warsaw, Kraków or Gdańsk? – an interview with Piotr Cieszkowski.

In Poland, we have a large selection of coaching courses. When choosing such a course, it is worth asking yourself a few questions about what to expect . What is our goal? Do we want to use the acquired knowledge professionally? If so, what clients do we want to work with? Will the course we have chosen help achieve a given goal, and does the person conducting it have appropriate references? After completing the course, will we obtain the certificate and competences needed to practice the profession?

In today’s article, Piotr Cieszkowski, business coach and student at the EcoCoach Community Business Coaching School and Executive Coaching has visited us.
So how is it with these courses?

Why did you decide to take a coaching course? Is this something new for you, or have you had professional contact with business coaching before?

I have been interested in personal development since childhood. From an early age, I enrolled in online courses of speed reading, improving my memory, setting and achieving goals, NLP, creating mind maps, dream maps, etc. However, I heard about coaching for the first time in 2008 thanks to Maciej Bennewicz’s book “Coaching, or a restaurant of personality “. It was something new for me – a reading full of stimulating anecdotes and exercises that allowed me to organize my thoughts and find answers to nagging questions. When I took part in the full coaching process myself – I already knew that this profession was created for me. I have always liked working with people and helping them in their personal and professional development – this is what the coach enables. Therefore, I decided to participate in a coaching course – to complete my qualifications and obtain a certificate confirming my knowledge and skills.

So I learned what coaching is relatively long ago, but it wasn’t until the ecoCoach Community program – Warsaw Business Coaching School – that I learned what professional business coaching is.

You chose the ecoCoach Community Business Coaching Academy – was it an accident or a conscious decision?

A conscious decision. I wanted to take part in a course that would teach me not only how to be a good coach, but also how to offer and sell a coaching process and successfully acquire clients.

There are more and more personal development trainers, not necessarily certified, not necessarily those who are successful in business or life. There are even social media groups such as “Outlaw Coaching and Personal Development”. What do you think about the coaching situation in Poland?

First of all, it is worth emphasizing that coaching is a method of work. It is a tool with which a good coach achieves breakthroughs and goals while working with the client, and pseudocoach – frustration and dissatisfaction. Just like a knife that, when placed in a surgeon’s hand, will produce a different result than if it were in the murderer’s hand. Unfortunately, for some time in Poland, on the market of personal development, and more specifically in the field of coaching, we have been dealing with a situation in which this proverbial “murderer” calls himself a “surgeon”. No wonder that there are such fanpages as on Facebook, which, by the way, currently has over 156,000 followers.

Moreover, a good coaching process is truly a premium service, and with such valuable benefits, cheap, poor-quality counterfeits quickly appear. A good factor in selecting the right business coach or coaching company should be, above all, recommendations from clients who have already benefited from coaching with a given coach or a given coaching company. Recommendations and business successes of previous clients and companies with whom they cooperated are a good selection criterion. However, it is best if the company offers clients a guaranteed return on investment in the coaching process – it increases the sense of comfort when making decisions. It is also worth paying attention to what school the coach graduated from and whether his supervisor in the person of a master coach achieved business success and is recognizable on the market. You can also check whether the coach has accreditation – for example, obtained from the Polish Chamber of Coaching or other federations, organizations or associations such as the International Coach Federation, Gallup Institute, European Coach Community, European Mentoring and Coaching Council, Center of Credentialing & Education or #ecoCoachCommunity .

In general, I believe that the coach is the profession of the future, as evidenced by entering it into the classification prepared by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Policy under the number 235920 as: “Personal trainer (coach, mentor, tutor)”. This entry also means that setting work standards for the coach profession is still moving forward.

What would you recommend to people who are interested in coaching, but are afraid to change their professional lives? How to choose the best coaching course?

Fear always has a cause. In this case, these people could use coaching to find out the cause of their fear. Later, also to take action in accordance with your needs and goals – maintaining inner peace and self-confidence.

To choose the best coaching course, you must first ask yourself about the desired results, ie what is expected of such a course. Then look for an offer that meets these expectations. I also recommend that you talk personally with the organizers and graduates of the courses so as not to buy the proverbial “pig in a poke”.

Does it matter for the quality of the coaching course and its effectiveness, will you choose the city of Warsaw, Kraków or Gdańsk?

Well, that’s a tough question because there are many factors that influence the quality of a coaching course. I just chose Warsaw because I live here and here the most is happening – both in terms of business and the creation of new, innovative services, and coaching is still such a new and innovative service on the Polish market. The ecoCoachCommunity school, which is the first school in Poland to specialize in business coaching and executive coaching, and which I chose and sincerely recommend, is located in Warsaw. As far as I know, the school is developing intensively and will soon start a new program in the form of online classes, and will open branches in other cities. Hence, I highly recommend looking for this innovative service, combining entrepreneurship learning, as well as business coaching and executive coaching in other cities!

Thanks for the interview, Piotr!

Thank you too.

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