How I realized the return on investment at the level of ROI

How I realized the return on investment at the ROI level = 4 525% by joining the ecoCoach Community – Grzegorz Marek’s case study

Investing in yourself – your development and knowledge – is one of the best we can make. Grzegorz Marek, a student of the EcoCoach Community Business Coaching Academy and Executive Coaching, an entrepreneur, leader and business coach, found out about it. Find out how he got a ROI of 4.525% on his investment and what he learned during our program.

Hello, Grzegorz. What was the reason for joining the ecoCoach Community Business Coaching School? Did you plan to become a business coach before, was the decision about the course made spontaneously?

Personal development has always been my passion. I read a lot, I was looking for knowledge on this topic. At some point in my professional work, I started to be interested in various types of training and conducting trainings. Until the participation in the webinar led by Marek Wzorek, all activities were not fully specified. I acted a bit as a trainer, a bit as a mentor. There was no focus on any particular action. After participating in Marek’s webinar, I felt that it was something for me. It was quite a spontaneous decision – but with the conviction that I found what I was looking for.

What have you learned from the ecoCoach Community program?

The ecoCoach program has taught me not only to work with a potential client, but above all it has confirmed my belief that change is a process. To make a change, you need to go through the entire process, not just its elements. In addition to the specific coaching tools provided by the ecoCoach Community program, I was able to supplement my knowledge with a large dose of knowledge related to marketing or sales. The ecoCoach Commiunity program is a complete course preparing not only for the work of a coach, but also for building your own business and personal brand.

Was the course investment expensive?

For me, road is a relative term. For each of us, the price level is on a different level. However, investing in yourself is never a waste of money. In addition, with the support of Marek Wzorek and the ecoCoach team, I was able to obtain funding for this course from EU funds, which meant that the investment turned out to be small for the value obtained.

Great. Is the road from obtaining a business coach certificate to acquiring the first client long? Or did you learn how to get your first client during the course?

The time from obtaining the certificate to the first two contracts is less than three months. During the course, we talked a lot about acquiring clients and how to start acting as a coach. But for me, the key was to shift my thinking from “I will” to “I am” a coach. Such communication among business people made my clients come to me. When I realized during the course the value that I am able to give to others and the fact that I am a coach, I started to communicate the fact that I was involved in running coaching processes at every opportunity. This resulted in two contracts in less than three months.

So, in terms of ROI, the return on investment was huge!

That’s right. The ROI in this case is 4525%. Because the total cost of the course at that moment is PLN 4,800 net, of which PLN 4,000 is net. is the grant amount. So after investing theoretically PLN 800 and what is most valuable, i.e. time, after six months I was able to obtain two contracts with a total amount of PLN 37,000.

How did you manage to achieve such a high return on investment?

As I mentioned before, the key is to shift our thinking to the fact that you are a coach. This fact, combined with my experience to date, has enabled me to acquire clients. Building your personal brand is also important in all of this. That is, a person who is not looking for a client, because the coaching process he leads is at the highest level. She is a specialist in this field and it is the clients who report to her. This gives the service exclusivity – and as you know, the less accessible something is, the more desirable it is.

Would you recommend others to join the ecoCoachCommunity? From what you write, it was valuable knowledge for you.

If someone wants to develop and is passionate about issues such as personal development and business coaching, this is a very good place for him. Even if you don’t think about running a process, thanks to this course you can discover yourself and your potential again. And for people who would like to start working as a coach, in my opinion it is a great place. The biggest advantage of this course is the fact that it not only teaches how to use coaching tools, but also shows how to conduct an effective six-month coaching process.

Thank you for the interview, Grzegorz! We wish you every success on your business coach journey!

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