How to become an essentialist in the VUCA world?

We live in a VUCA world, in volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity and ambiguity.

Volatility appears, a predetermined order is changed and disturbed by unexpected events, this has been happening around us for years.

Variability naturally leads to insecurity which affects our confidence but also leads to finding new opportunities for those who find a new chance for themselves.

Uncertainty is a state in which we feel confused, we don’t know what will happen, and it is not clear to us if we can influence it.

Complexity has been with us for a long time, we live in a world where information travels from one corner of the world to another in a few minutes, in a multicultural world, we have access to various music and film channels, people around us speak different languages ​​that we understand. The world is complex and can be even more complex. We have only a fraction of the information in this complexity and we can only predict events in which we are involved. We can make decisions about us and our loved ones.

The ambiguity and ambiguity in our world is inseparable from the pace of life. We have many different situations to choose from, we have alternatives, we can choose between right and wrong, good and bad. Our choices are not obvious, although they are our choices. It is worth taking them based on our internal values ​​and priorities.

Sometimes in this VUCA world we make mistakes and then what? It’s worth admitting them, learning from it, and never making the same mistake again.

How about becoming an essentialist in the VUCA world?

“Life wisdom is to eliminate what is unimportant” – Lin Yutang

How many times have you agreed to help someone without even thinking? How many times have you regretted agreeing to help, and then wondering what made you do it? How often do you say “yes, I will help you” or “no problem” just to please the other person? Or not look like an inactive idiot? Do you sometimes have the feeling that you are doing a lot, really not doing much? Do you ever feel that while you are doing a lot, your best resources and skills are not being used properly? Do you feel very busy at times, but nothing comes of it? Do you have the feeling that you are doing a lot of things around you but that is not your way to the goal?

If you answered yes to most of the questions, you may be saved by meeting a coach on your way and discovering what bothers you the most and what is worth changing to continue along the path of the essentialist, in which “less is better”.

The road to becoming an essentialist is not about a new New Year’s resolution and changing the habit of saying “YES” to “NO”.

This is the way you go with your coach, asking questions, pausing and answering whether I am investing my resources and strength in the right projects or not “crushing myself”.

Following the “old” way, we lose energy on many things and unimportant matters, we say to ourselves “I have to”, “everything is important” and at the same time we ask the question “How to embrace it all?” We feel like we’re wandering around or lost in a maze with no way out.

Following a new path in which we are accompanied by a coach, we abandon what was, do less, use much less energy, only on what is most important, we say “I can” and focus on what leads us to achieve deeper things, resulting from our personal choices, from our heart. We start to enjoy our successes, we feel that what we do is important for us and for the world. We enjoy wandering through an unknown, uncertain and changeable world. We are learning a new discipline of being an essentialist.

We ourselves set priorities in our lives, if someone does it for us, it means that we live someone else’s life. Do you want to live your own life or the life of someone who tells you what to do? And how to do it?

In the VUCA world, we have too many options, too many options, too much information reaches us, too many “distractions”, it is difficult for us to focus on something important.

The enormity of information and choice makes it seem like we can have and do anything. At the same time, we lose something that is important, balance and harmony in life, we lack time for private life, for celebrating beautiful moments in life. We forget about living in harmony with ourselves, about consciously living the time we were given to be here and now.

Time for cleaning, think of it as cleaning a wardrobe or a wardrobe, as cleaning the apartment. Get ready to take a look at what you have not worn for years, what you no longer need and can give to those in need. It is time to eliminate from our lives what does not bring us good results or joy, what does not serve us to be a better person.

An essentialist is someone who has his own choices in life, how to use the energy he has, someone chooses the most important things out of the multitude of information, complexity and uncertainty, who already knows that you cannot have everything and do everything. This is someone who asks himself “What problem do I want to solve?” What can I do to make the world a better place? ”.

Becoming an essentialist is a process where it is good to have the support of a coach asking questions that bring you closer to your goal and success “less but better”

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