3 reasons why companies need business coaching

3 Reasons Why Companies Need Business Coaching

Coaching is a collaboration between the coach and the client. The pillars of coaching are 3 areas that have developed very intensively in the 20th and 21st centuries: sport, positive psychology as well as business and management.

Business coaching, on the other hand, developed particularly quickly at the end of the 20th century and is very closely related to the development of startups. When novice entrepreneurs, founders of startups, found investors, most often investors commissioned young entrepreneurs to hire a business coach. Most often, these business coaches, in English business coach, were experienced entrepreneurs who also acted as advisors and mentors, and in cooperation with the client they used several different working methods, including coaching, mentoring, training, counseling and consulting.

Due to the fact that startups, led by young, committed entrepreneurs and leaders, developed much faster than traditionally managed companies, where the organization was often headed by a president whose motivation to work was much lower than that of young startup leaders, business coaching began to penetrate all sectors of the US economy.

Let’s move to the Polish market

In Poland, so far practically business coaching, in the form described above, has not existed at all. The above-described type of cooperation and support for entrepreneurs in the development has been performed and performed so far by coaches, trainers, consultants, advisers, interim managers, whose market in Poland is quite abundant. Coaching schools and universities teaching coaching at postgraduate studies have added to the confusion on the coaching market in Poland. At the peak of their popularity, the profession has released and are about a thousand coaches a year. These schools and universities taught that “a business coach is a coach like any other, but the one who works in business” – I heard it myself more than once in the coaching environment. NONSENSE! I wrote about it before in my article on LInkedIn: “Don’t even make me laugh” – the beginnings of a great and global organization

For this reason, we at ecoCoach, as the first coaching company on the Polish market, specialize in executive coaching and business coaching, we educate what coaching is, what is business coaching, what are the differences between them, and our work and a good example we set the highest standards of work for business coaches and executive coaches.

That is why we founded the first ecoCoachCommunity business coaching and executive coaching school in Poland, but that is a topic for another article or interview.

So let’s move on to three reasons why companies now need business coaching. So let’s ask ourselves: what do companies need business coaching for?

Increase employee engagement

The most important aspect and goal of business coaching in the company is the development of the entire organization, and one of the steps to achieve this is to increase employee involvement. The employee and his skills are the main value in the company. If coaching is to be effectively implemented in the organization, it is best if it is started from the very top, i.e. from the president of the board or the owner of the company. We will write about this executive coaching process in the next article in this series. Then, coaching is cascaded to the next levels of the organization. It can be individual for each employee or team, depending on the needs of a given company. By using the business coaching process in the company, the employee is able to define goals more clearly and focus on them, the responsibility for the tasks performed increases, self-confidence and awareness of his impact on the company increases. Individual results of business coaching for such an employee translate into effects throughout the organization. Companies, leaders and employees need business coaching to achieve their goals faster and as a process of improving collaboration and increasing knowledge, awareness and well-being. Due to the fact that business coaching is based primarily on working with a measurable goal, thanks to this, the return on investment in the coaching process can be determined very well. Business coaching processes implemented by ecoCoach business coaches often have a specific return on investment in coaching, i.e. a guaranteed ROI. We are the first to offer it on the market in Poland.

Greater organization efficiency

Business coaching is a method by which the entire organization effectively achieves its own goals, from the president’s goals, to the goals of the board, managers, teams, to every department of the organization. The goals are set by the coach with the coaching client individually, from raising leadership competences, through a specific increase in sales, to a specific financial result, to improving the operation of a given job, resolving conflicts in the team or developing the competences of a manager or the rest of the team. All these factors, of course, translate into better performance and increased efficiency throughout the organization. A business coach helps to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the company, the main goals of the company and assign them to the right people. Business coaching is needed most by companies that have problems with unstructured procedures, no sales growth and noticeable chaos. A business coach is just needed to help sort it all out and counteract efficiency gaps.

Balance between personal and work life

Lack of self-management in time and life balance, i.e. work-life balance means that people in the company may be overwhelmed with an excess of duties and not perform them effectively. When this happens, all planned goals can be abandoned at the first difficulties encountered. Businesses need business coaching to maintain a balance between the personal and professional life of everyone in the company. This is important not only for the entire organization, but for every unit within it. Let us think about the cost for a person, team and organization when an employee has a heart attack, experiences a nervous breakdown or depression. Business coaching is an effective recipe for all these symptoms of imbalance and well-being in life. Maintained balance at work increases the effectiveness of the employee as well as his well-being and relations with the environment – not only at work, but also personal, i.e. family.

More and more companies realize that business coaching can bring amazing benefits. Do you want to learn more about the coaching business and learn more about its benefits? Soon there will be a FREE WEBINAR, during which you will learn, among others how to successfully enter the profession of a business coach, what is the ecoCoach Community and why business coaching is the profession of the future.

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