Check what boss you are

Check what boss you are

Only 62% of employees in Poland assess the level of trust between themselves and their superiors as appropriate. Also, nearly 60% of employers react in the event of low results or failure to achieve goals. Less than half of entrepreneurs notice and appreciate the individual contribution of employees to the company’s achievements, demonstrate a motivating way of acting and support subordinates, providing them with valuable tips for the development of employees’ competences and skills (Aon Hewitt, 2013-2014).

Which group of employers do you belong to? Remember that you can make changes to your management system and method of communication virtually every day. In the process of change, feedback is very important, which can be provided by those with whom you work. Be prepared for a discussion in an atmosphere of respect and openness.

If you want to find out how employees evaluate you as a supervisor, ask them in such a way that they can answer honestly and fully. Take care of the relationship you build in the team. Lead the conversation in the right place and time. Express your readiness for dialogue with your attitude. The atmosphere of trust is generally conducive to greater openness of employees, who may be ready to show you strong assets and areas for changes in management. Ask specific questions regarding the details of your work, relating to communication in the company, how to manage and delegate tasks. What if that doesn’t work?

Questions that will help you evaluate yourself in a leadership position:

  • How would you rate yourself as a leader, on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • How committed are your employees to the performance of their duties?
  • How do you influence employee engagement?
  • How effective is your way of motivating employees?
  • What are you doing to enable your employees to be successful?
  • How do employees feel about the work environment in your company?

To develop your leadership role, you can take advantage of a coaching process with an experienced ecoCoach business coach. During this process, we will determine the current situation and your needs. You will go with the coach through the process of change, learning new skills, strengthening your positive sides, achieving your goal. You will learn how your actions bring you closer or further towards your personal goals. You will notice quick results. You will focus on action and yourself, or on the development of your own company.

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